Bags and Balers Manufacturers Ltd




Extra strength for that extra weight

Lately, these bags are increasingly being used in the fast food, supermarket and heavy retail product outlets.

Originally designed as the outer package for our flour bags, these bags are super tough and made to hold those bulky and awkward items that regular grocery bags just won’t hold.

No tear, no strain… bags that carry the heavy lifting.

Best use: Supermarkets, heavy retail product outlets, outer flour bag packaging, Charcoal/Briquettes, Baking Flours, Seeds, Milk Powder and Stitched Bags.
Paper: White or Brown paper – Plain or Branded
Size: 24×1 Kg | 12×2 Kg | 24×500 gms | 20×1 Kg | 10×1 Kg
Layers: 1 Ply or 2 Ply
MOQ: 5,000 pieces